Saturday, June 10, 2006

PMC - Random Reflections

Several of us spent all day and evening yesterday and most of today in the first of several cluster meetings with other partner congregations, ACU staff, and consultants from Church Innovations. In no particular order here are some reflections:

Trust - Trust is based on two basic elements: Character (Trustworthiness), and Competence in the field of action. If either character or competence is lacking, trust is damaged. We are beginning a process where as leaders we don't presume that we necessarily have a great deal of competence. Character therefore becomes even more imperative...

Dying or Pregnant? A woman who goes to the doctor displaying the symptoms of being sick and tired may be dying or she may be pregnant. A church that is sick and tired may be dying...or it may be pregnant. If it is God's will that a congregation die, then no program or personality will be able to save it. But a pregnant church, although it may go through considerable pain, gives birth to new life.

Trust (part 2) - In Genesis 12 God tells Abraham to leave his home and move to a land that he would reveal to him. As we embark on this journey, we don't know our ultimate destination, but we trust God to reveal it to us as we go through the process.

Spirit - The Spirit of God is present among the people of God. If we, as God's people, can learn better to listen to His Spirit, then collectively we will be better able to discern His will for us as a church.

Making disciples in an age of consumerism - as we transform into a missional church, we will see people as disciples rather than as customers.

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