Monday, June 05, 2006

Partnership for Missional Church

This weekend we formally kick off our participation in the Partnership for Missional Church. Over the next several months I anticipate that we will be engaged in significant conversation regarding what the PMC is, what are the implications for Skillman, and eventually what impact it is having.

Starting the conversation about what it is, I want to look at the three main words in the title:

Partnership - We will be engaged in prayer, study, and sharing of ideas, successes, and failures with about a dozen other churches of Christ, staff from ACU, and consultants from Church Innovations. Church Innovations is "a non-profit organization devoted to renewing the Church’s focus on God’s mission in the world. Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wholly committed to following God’s leading for every congregation, we provide research and consulting tools, products and processes that increase your church’s capacities to experience God’s renewal and transformation."

Missional - We will be engaged in discovery of what it means - what it looks like - to fulfill Jesus' commission in our specific circumstances, time, culture, and community.

Church - We will be inviting the entire congregation to join in the conversation and to particpate in a transformation from a model where we are consumers of religious goods and services and where we typically pay someone else to carry out the mission that Jesus gave us to a model where we each take on the responsibility of carrying out the mission.

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Larry James said...

This is exciting, Craig! I know that it will be a huge asset to your mission personally and as a group. Of course, I am trying to figure out how it might relate to you guys and to us here at CDM. Let's talk about it as you move farther into the journey.