Sunday, March 04, 2007

Zoe Conference Highlights

Barbara and I left Thursday evening to go to Lubbuck for the Zoe Leadership and Worship Conferences. Besides being a welcome and refreshing time of worship and fellowship it was a virtual feast of healthy, nutritious insight mixed with the rich dessert of discussion.

Leonard Sweet is one of the most profound thinkers I have encountered; Jeff Walling continues to be a 'master' communicator - both in terms of his ability and in terms of his content. The breakout session topics and leaders were relevant and well prepared.

It was good spending some time with Nathan. And I got to say hello to one of my students from my first year of teaching - Steven Bailey is a worship minister in the Fort Worth area now.

One of the most moving and memorable aspects of the Saturday morning worship time was Jack and Jill Maxwell painting on a mural-sized canvas a depiction of Jacob wrestling with God as the story unfolded. As Jeff Walling told the story, mixing in testimonies, prayer, and singing, the blank canvas behind the stage transformed into outlines of shape, bits of color, and eventually an amazing picture depicting Jacob refusing to let go of his opponent - God. What an image that was...

More to come...

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