Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Missional in the Hood

Last year about this time I wrote about having had a St. Patrick's day party for our neighborhood, and commented that I was embarrassed because that was the first time in over 15 years that many of them had been invited into our home. Particularly, I was convicted as we had been talking about becoming more missional.

Since then, we have had multiple occasions of neighborhood get-togethers, and have gotten to know many of our neighbors. We have another one scheduled for next week, and I thought I would share with you the email I sent this evening. Not trying to pat myself on the back, but hoping that it might be an encouragement to you...

Our next neighborhood meeting will be Tuesday, Apr. 3 at our house (1427 Stagecoach). At 7 pm, for those who are comfortable doing so, we will gather for a short neighborhood blessing for Simon and Job Smith, who will be leaving for a mission trip to Uganda within the next couple of weeks. At 7:15 we will begin our normal discussion of neighborhood news and concerns. Please feel welcome to come at either 7 or 7:15, as you prefer. We will not be able to deliver the notices to each house this weekend, so please let your neighbor know, if you don't see them on the email list.


I recently read the following news account and was reminded of my own responsibility to you, my neighbors, and of how blessed we are to have you all as neighbors...

Larry's remains were recently found in his house in a skeletal, mummified condition. No one had seen him since Hurricane Rita that had devastated Beaumont, Texas, nearly 18 months ago. The body was found on top of the bed, just like he had gone in to take a nap and never awakened. They are not sure if Larry expired shortly before the hurricane's arrival or shortly afterward. His house had not been severely damaged, so no one had actually gone inside to check on him and most folks just felt he had left before the approaching hurricane and never returned. A prospective buyer for the house found Larry's body. The house was put up for auction because of unpaid taxes.

Sadly, no one had really missed Larry. Although he had family in the city, he didn't want to see them. His neighbors made assumptions about his absence. Who knows, if someone had been more aware of his status, he might have been found before he died!


Some of you asked about the Easter Cross we had in the yard last year. I have about 1/2 dozen of them - if anyone wants one, please let me know; first come, first served.

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