Saturday, March 10, 2007

Body Worlds

Yesterday afternoon as Taylor's spring break drew to a close and mine began, we went to see the Body Worlds exhibit at Fair Park. Body Worlds is a touring exhibit of the human body and its various internal systems. It is incredible.

The exhibit consists of several bodies that were donated to science and underwent a process to plasticize the systems that are the focus of each gallery. There were galleries focused on the body's structure - bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilege, etc.; on the circulatory system - the heart, the arteries and blood vessels; the digestive and respiratory systems, the reproductive system, and the brain and nervous system.

I'm not close to doing the exhibit justice with this description, but it vividly reinforces that the human body is an incredibly complex and amazing design. It will be in Dallas through May and is well worth the time and cost to see it.

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