Thursday, October 26, 2006


Southwest Richardson is a diverse neighborhood. We live on a short, one-block street, and living among the 20+ houses on our street are 3 hispanic families, a family from the Ukraine, an African-American family, a lady from Chile and another from Venezuala. There are retirees who have lived on the street for more than 30 years and there are families with young children. There are several widows who have buried their husbands. Walking through the park in our neighborhood you can hear literally dozens of languages spoken.

Sunday afternoon Barbara and I attended a picnic at the park sponsored by the homeowners association. There were a couple of people from our street that we knew, but most of the others were strangers from other streets in our broader neighborhood. Sitting there, something occured to me that was so obvious I hadn't really thought about it. Almost all of our social activities are with either family or church friends. We both have friends at work, but we don't spend much time with them outside of the work setting. We are getting better at spending time with people in our neighborhood, but we primarily socialize with church friends and family.

Going back to Luke 10 again, Jesus said to go...

Perhaps one of the places we need to go is simply outside our own circles.

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