Sunday, October 08, 2006


This morning we began a series on prayer by discussing the Lord's Prayer. As we were talking about asking for forgiveness as we forgive others, I couldn't help but think about the tragic event that took place this past week in the Amish community in Pennsylvania. I can hope that I would be able to display the grace and forgiveness that these people displayed towards the family of the killer of their children, but frankly I doubt that I could.

Grandfathers teaching the children to not look for the evil; compassion expressed for the family of the one who killed their children; the lack of desire for revenge; grace in the world's spotlight. These must come from a faith that is so ingrained in the people that it can manifest itself in no other way.

I can't claim to understand the Amish culture. I can mourn with them the loss of their children. I can admire the consistency they have displayed in this most difficult circumstance. And I can try to emulate their capacity to forgive.

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