Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Random Easter Reflections

This past week has seen a number of "firsts" in my Easter experiences.

I put one of the crosses in my front yard and have received comments from several of my neighbors expressing appreciation and several asked where we got it. It was a conversation starter. I am reminded that how I treat my neighbor (and my behavior that is seen by more people than I realize) communicates much about who I am and whose I am.

Sunday we visited my brother-in-law and attended University Christian Church on TCU's campus in Fort Worth. A very traditional high church liturgical service. Beautiful building, church bells, lots of standing and sitting, congregational responses. I'm not a fan of the organ, but I have to admit that when those trumpets were sounding during the Hallelujah Chorus it was mighty impressive.

Friday evening Barbara and I attended a Passover Seder (pronounced sayder) with a Messianic Jewish congregation in North Dallas. We were invited by one of our neighbor families who had made plans to attend with their life group and had a couple of seats available at their table. Very interesting and enjoyable evening. The Seder is a specific order with specific foods and drink that symbolize the story of the passover. More details to follow - particularly about the Afikomen.

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