Monday, April 03, 2006

Cutting Down the Net

Just finished watching Florida team members and coach cut down the net following their solid victory over UCLA in the championship game. Each of the players cut for themselves a small piece of the net from where it connected to the rim and when Billy Donovan (the coach for you non basketball fans) cut the last piece, the net was no longer connected to the rim. If you could somehow picture that process in reverse, the result would be that as each member of the team added his piece, the net would become stronger until the last piece made the net complete. It just struck me how symbolic that was of successful teams and organizations. When each person weaves their string into the net, the result is stronger and more effective than the individual strings are. And conversely, the net is weakened when pieces are cut out or withheld. Just food for thought...

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Nathan said...

This is an illustration worthy of talking with our church about attending the congregational summit on April 30th.

Each week someone (an elder) needs to plug that day.