Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Lauren

23 years ago today, at approximately 4:20 AM, Lauren Ashley Gray entered this world through the portals of Harris Hospital. It was one of those clean Sunday mornings following Saturday evening thunderstorms. According to the nurses in the maternity ward the change in barometric pressure brought on by the thunderstorms would result in several births that day. Fuzzy Zoeller would win the Colonial later that afternoon. But during that pre-dawn hour while her mom was in the recovery room, I was alone in the newborn nursery holding this incredibly beautiful miracle in my arms, and my world would be forever changed. I have been blessed by Daddy's little girl for these 23 years and I am thankful every day for this precious gift from God. Happy Birthday, Lauren. Love, Daddy.

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lauren said...

I love you daddy! Thank you for being you.