Saturday, May 27, 2006

Graduation Day

It is now official - my baby boy is a high school graduate. These 12 years since he entered the first grade have passed so quickly. I'm sure that it has seemed like a much longer time to Taylor - 2/3 of his life so far - but I can still remember his first day of school like it was last week. He and Barbara got their picture in the Richardson News as she was picking him up after school and hugging him. The caption in the paper said she was comforting him, but I think it was the other way around. He has constantly been a comfort and a source of joy to us, and always a source of pride. He has a compassionate spirit, a wry sense of humor, and is affectionate towards his parents and grandparents. He has a good heart and a tender conscience, he is trustworthy and has grown into a young man of character. We are proud of his accomplishments, but even more proud of the person he is. Richardson High School has been a better place because of his presence, and Pepperdine will be, too. Congratulations, son. I am proud of you.

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