Saturday, April 07, 2007


Scripture describes in vivid detail the the pain and suffering that culminated in Jesus' death on Friday. Scripture elaborates on the excitement and wonder of his followers when they discover on Sunday that he is alive. But we can only imagine what Saturday was like - possibly the longest, most hopeless day man has ever known - because scripture is silent about that Saturday.

It would seem that the disciples did not understand on Saturday that the work of salvation had been accomplished on Friday, and they had not yet realized the hope that would come from the resurrection on Sunday. That Saturday was, in a way, a foreshadow of the time in which we live. I have heard it described as 'the already but the not yet' - the period of time between Jesus' saving accomplishment on the cross and his glorious return. And much of the world today lives in Saturday - without the knowledge or understanding of what the cross meant and without the hope that the resurrection brings.

Because we live with the knowledge of our reconciliation to God - the already - and because we live with the hope of eternal life - the not yet - we live in greatful obedience. Not to become reconciled, but because we already are. That obedience was defined by Jesus as loving God with all our heart, and loving our neighbor as our self.

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