Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First Time, Long Time...

I have created this blog for two main purposes - as a means of communication for those whom I serve as an elder at the Skillman Church of Christ in Dallas, and as a means to discipline myself. I have never been one to share much of my personal thoughts and reflections, but am convicted to do so to be more accountable to the people at Skillman and to practice a discipline of journaling for my own personal growth.

As the title of this post implies, this is my first attempt at blogging; I have been a regular reader of Larry James' and Mike Cope's blogs in particular for some time, as well as a few others less regularly. I have learned much from both the writing and the lives of these two men, as well as from many others. Much of what I post will probably not be original, but will be something that caught my attention or was helpful to me from a variety of sources. I am hopeful that as you journey along with me you might benefit in some small way.

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